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Is it time to expand?

Expanding your living space in Worcester County?

It’s time to stop telling your relatives and friends you can’t accommodate them out of the blue or your kids that they have to continue to share rooms with siblings.

Eventually, life will change and so will the demands for your space. Your kids will get older and want more privacy. Your in-laws or guest may want to visit during the holidays and have a place to stay. Why not be ready for those changes with a home addition while also boosting the value of your home?

How It Works

Your New Space In 4 Simple Steps

Complete Online Form

Fill out the contact form and submit a video of your proposed addition area.

Schedule Your Consultation

 Schedule a discovery call to discuss budgets, timing, and vision.

Verify Feasibility And Design

Verify the addition’s feasibility per town requirements. Proceed to the design phase.

Your Addition Is Built

Begin construction with approved permits.

Navigating Local Regulations:  

Understand zoning laws and building codes in Worcester County. Consider zoning, setbacks, and existing plot requirements for compliance.

Start with a Solid Design:

Employ a design-build firm or an architect for a well-built addition. A solid design is crucial for obtaining building permits and ensuring code compliance.

Material Selection for Worcester County Climate:  

Consider the International Residential Building Code’s climate zone 5 requirements. Ensure materials meet energy standards and are engineered for local snow and wind loads.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: 

Choose materials adhering to climate zone 5 standards. Doors and windows should have approved U and R values. Be aware of insulation codes and potential stretch codes in some towns.

Popular Upgrades for Home Additions in Worcester County

When it comes to home additions, there are many options available, focusing on function, aesthetics, and lifestyle improvement. Here are some common upgrades homeowners are choosing:

What Our Clients Say


Fast, reasonable and efficient. I’ve had a lot of bad contractor experience and it’s refreshing to have a reasonable and honest transaction. They were willing to work with my budget and still do quality work. They explained everything, every step of the way so I could trust I wasn’t being taken advantage of. Another Contractor trashed my new house and Joshua was able to fix all my drywall and ceiling messes and help me get back to enjoying my house again. Highly recommended.

Jennifer Nascimento


Josh completed 2 bathroom remodels for me and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. He went out of his way to accommodate times to discuss the projects that were convenient for me. The work was completed according to the timeline phases. He is very conscientious, pays attention to detail, communicates effectively, is honest and trustworthy. It was a wonderful experience and I would hire him again. It was a joy working with someone of his caliber.

Anne-Marie Duane


Josh from RenoVista Construction stuck out more then all the other contractors I spoke with and met. Josh was awesome from start to finish and then some. He is an amazing person and contractor. You will not be disappointed with this company.

Daniel Jason-Rajecki

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