The Best Kitchen Flooring, Cabinets, And Countertops For Your Remodel

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The best deserve the best, and we think you’re the best! This is why we’re putting this post together on the best kitchen flooring, the best kitchen cabinets, and the best kitchen countertops.

In this post, you can discover some of the best materials to use for the main parts of your kitchen.

You Never Regret The Best

“Don’t let this be a repeat of the cheaper running shoe incident!” says Melissa sharply.

John sighs. “I’ll never escape that, will I?” Melissa shakes her head. “Nope, and you wouldn’t let me escape it either. You couldn’t walk for a week!”

“Yeah, and that’s why we don’t go for cheap anymore,” says John. “Ok, so that means we’ll need the best kitchen flooring, the best kitchen cabinets, and the best kitchen countertops.”

Melissa nods. “Exactly! Now, we just have to find out what those are…as well as the cost for a quality kitchen remodel.” John chuckles. “Ok, then let’s get to digging around Google where,” -he takes his phone from out of his pocket- “I’m sure we can find answers.”

Here’s what the couple discovers:

What Is The Best Type Of Flooring For Kitchens?

The best kitchen flooring material is ceramic and porcelain tile. It’s moderately priced, low-maintenance, water-resistant, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, durable, and is available in almost any color and pattern.

But, ceramic and porcelain tile isn’t perfect.

It can be uncomfortable to stand on for too long and is more slippery. Many people use rugs to help with these problems. You can also find more slip-resistant styles.

Best Kitchen Flooring For Dogs And Pets

The best kitchen flooring for pets is anything scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and water-resistant. This will help with their claws and messes.

The best kitchen floor material for this is tile and stone. Vinyl, bamboo, and cork are other popular options. But, tile and stone still take the cake because they’re:

  • Easy to clean
  • Water-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant

They do get cold, though, so laying down rugs can give dogs a comfy, warm place to lay and keep you company.

What Is The Most Durable Kitchen Flooring?

The absolutely most durable kitchen flooring is concrete. And no, it doesn’t have to look like outdoor concrete. There have been big improvements in how to change the look of concrete to make it better for home interiors.

*RenoVista doesn’t offer concrete flooring for our clients

Other Best Kitchen Flooring Options

Other good kitchen flooring options include: 

  • Hardwood
  • Engineered hardwood
  • Luxury vinyl
  • Natural stone
  • Cork
  • Bamboo

What Are The Best Cabinets For A Kitchen?

The best kitchen cabinets are made from hardwood. You can leave them their natural color or put some color on them using stains or paints. You can choose from 3 overall types of cabinets when remodeling.

There are 5 types of hardwood that kitchen cabinets are mainly made from:

1. Oak

Oak is the most common hardwood for cabinets. It’s the most common of these trees, so it’s easiest to get. It’s also durable and holds stains and paints well.

2. Hickory

Hickory is another fine choice as a kitchen cabinet material. It’s the sturdiest of these hardwoods, making it one of the best kitchen cabinet wood materials. It can take most of whatever your kitchen throws at it. Like oak, it’s another common wood.

3. Pine

Pine is best described as being the most cost-effective. You’ll love it if you want a more rustic look for your kitchen. It ages very well too! The main drawback is it nicks fairly easily.

4. Cherry

Cherry is one of the best quality kitchen cabinet materials. It’s durable, easy to work with, and its natural reddish color gets darker over time with sun exposure.

5. Maple

Maple is one of the most popular hardwoods. It has a beautiful grain that pops through paints and stains.


Plywood is a solid material choice too. It’s just a cheaper material than hardwood and makes up a lot of kitchen cabinets.

What Is The Best Countertop For Kitchens?

The best kitchen countertop material is natural stone. It’s resistant to all kinds of damages that can happen in kitchens, like stains, scratches, cracks, heat, and moisture damage. The best of the natural stone countertop choices is quartz.

The Best Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops

Quartz is the best kitchen countertop material. It’s heat-resistant, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, moisture-resistant, and is extremely difficult to crack. It also comes in several lovely colors and patterns. It’s expensive and quite heavy, making it hard to work with.

Other great natural stone kitchen countertops include granite, marble, and soapstone.

What Countertops Can Withstand Heat?

The countertops that can withstand heat include natural stone, laminate, solid surface, recycled glass, terrazzo, and metal. Wood countertops aren’t heat-resistant and will damage.

The Best Wood Kitchen Countertops

Cherry is the best wood kitchen countertop. Not only is it the most durable it also meshes well with most color schemes. This combination does help make it the most expensive wood. 

Maple is one of the most commonly found wood countertops for kitchens. It has a lighter coloring that blends well and gives an open, airy feel to kitchens. It’s a great combination of quality and cost.

Oak and walnut are other common choices. They’re not as expensive but also not as durable. You can use either of them to bring a wonderful look to your kitchen!

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“Well, looks like we have a good amount of choices to talk through,” says John. Melissa nods. “And while we do, let’s see what else we can find on this blog. Might find more things we can use.”

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