The Ultimate Deck Experience by Renovista Construction: More Than Just a Deck!

Building across Worcester County & Metrowest since 2016

Today, I’m excited to walk you through one of our latest projects—a 1,280-square-foot deck that’s more than just a place to hang out. It’s an outdoor living space complete with an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and even a balcony! Let’s dive in.

The Basics: Materials and Design

Deckboards: The Best of Both Worlds

For this project, we chose TimberTech’s PVC deckboards for their durability and low maintenance. We also used TimberTech’s espresso composite skirt and mahogany deckboards to add a touch of elegance.


      • Composite or PVC? We chose a combination of both!

      • Espresso Posts and Mahogany Decking: A perfect blend of colors that go all the way around the deck.

    Railings and Balusters: Function Meets Style


        • Aluminum Balusters: Strong and stylish.

        • Drink Rails: Conveniently place your drinks here while you enjoy the view.

      Features That Make This Deck Special

      The Solo Stove Fire Pit

      We installed a Solo Stove Yukon fire pit, which is not only stylish but also safe for families with young kids.

      Outdoor Living Space: More Than Just a Deck

      This deck serves as our outdoor living room. With Polywood furniture made in the USA, it’s a comfortable space where my family and I spend more time than even in our indoor living room.

      Outdoor Dining Room

      We also have an outdoor dining area featuring Polywood furniture that’s easy to assemble and incredibly durable.

      The Outdoor Kitchen

      We took the concept of an outdoor kitchen and integrated it right into the deck area. It’s fully equipped with lighting, a grill, and even running water!

      Bonus Features

      The Spiral Staircase

      As a kid, I always dreamed of having a spiral staircase. Now, it’s a reality, and it’s as fun as I imagined!

      The Balcony with a View

      We added a balcony that offers a spectacular view of the pond we built a few years ago. It’s the perfect place to relax and take a break from life’s busyness.

      Building this deck has not only changed how we live but also how we connect as a family. It’s more than just a construction project; it’s a space where future memories will be created. Thanks for checking out my Renovista project, and I hope it inspires you to create your own dream outdoor space!

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