What Does A Normal Basement Remodel Timeline And Process Look Like?

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This Is Our Process And Timeline For Remodeling Basements For Our Clients In Massachusetts

In this post, you can find out how long it can take to remodel a basement. You can also discover some factors that can lengthen or shorten it.

Newly remodeled basement with fridge

Remodeling an entire basement is a big job. This is why it takes months to finish instead of weeks as a bathroom or kitchen remodel does.

What’s An Average Basement Remodel Timeline?

A basement remodel takes about 10 weeks on average to complete. This is from rough framing and carpentry all the way to final inspections and going through a punch list.

Week 1- Rough Framing and Carpentry 

Week 2- Rough Electrical and Plumbing 

Week 3- Inspections 

Week 4- Spray foam Insulation and Insulation Inspections

Week 5- Sheetrock and Plasterwork 

Week 6- Finish Carpentry includes laying down the floor 

Week 7 and 8- Finish Plumbing and Electrical and Inspections 

Week 9- Interior Painting 

Week 10- Final Inspections and Punchlist if any

What Can Cause A Basement Remodel Timeline To Change?

Job complexity. The more work that needs to be done the longer it’ll take to do. Complex remodels can involve adding rooms. More basic remodels are usually quicker.

Damages. If we find any damages before or during the remodel we’ll need to talk about fixing them. We don’t want to leave them or they’ll just get worse and costlier.

Materials. Some materials can take longer to get than others. They may be on backorder or are just harder to find. Custom materials will definitely take longer as they take longer to make.

Change orders. If you want to change something about the project during it the timeline will change. We’ll need to make adjustments and maybe wait on new materials.

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