Who Will Be Doing The Physical Labor On My Project?

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It’s Always Nice To Know Who’s Going To Be Showing Up To Work On Your Home.

Everyone wants to know who’s going to be showing up and working on their home. It’s natural, and we want you to know when it comes to our company. In this post, you can find out who will be coming to work on your home project. You can also find out how much oversight RenoVista’s main team does.

Who’s Coming To Our Home?

“I’m not totally sure,” admits Melissa.

John chuckles nervously. “Ooo boy, not sure how I feel about that. Well, I do- nervous. It’s weird that there might be what amounts to strangers coming to our home.”

Melissa sighs and looks up at John guiltily. “Yeah, I’m sorry, I really should have asked. I just didn’t think to.” John smiles and gives her a tight hug. “It’s ok, I probably wouldn’t have either. Hindsight is 20/20, after all. Plus, that basement remodel before and after in Millbury basically sold me already.”

Melissa gives him a small smile. “Thank you. Wait… actually, I think we might be able to find out!” John looks at her in confusion. Jess’s smile widens. “The email, remember?”

John’s eyes widen as he fumbles his phone from his pocket. He searches his email, finding the one their contractor sent them. It has links to common questions clients have.

Here’s what they find on who does the physical work:

The 2 Parties That Handle Our Physical Labor

You’ll definitely meet our home team. They work on every project. It’s also very likely you’ll see some subcontractors. There are very specific reasons we hire out parts of projects (never whole projects).

RenoVista’s Home Team

Our home team for handling physical labor is Josh (the owner), Marco, and Rob. They can do demolition work, any carpentry-related tasks, framing, cabinet installs, and finish work.

We’ll also handle the project management side. This includes managing staff, communicating with you, talking to other contractors, scheduling, material delivery, etc.

*The office administration handles front-end tasks, like getting permits

Our Subcontractors

We start and finish every day with the subcontractors we hire.

They sometimes handle demolition and they definitely help with some of the other tasks. For example, we’ll call in a subcontractor for electrical work, painting, etc.

We do this when we know a subcontractor can do better at certain tasks than we can. They’re specialists in their field. Doing this helps cut down on the amount of time we spend taking up your space. It also gives you a better quality product more quickly.

How We Manage Our Subcontractors

We start and finish the day with any subcontractors we hire. This is to make sure they’re doing their job and not leaving a mess behind.

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“I love this transparency. No other contractor we’ve worked with has done anything like this,” says John happily. Melissa nods, a smile still on her face. “Let’s see what else they have for us to know before the project starts.”

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