Bathroom Remodeling Checklist: How do I get the most use out of my bathroom remodel?

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When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, it’s often quite limited how much function you can add to your space. Why? Because, typically your fixtures are set in place and to move them can get costly. So we put together this checklist/guide to walk you through how to get the most use out of your bathroom without moving every thing in your bathroom…

Tub Vs. Shower?

The age old question of if I should convert my tub to a shower. On average, we hear from many clients that they are afraid to convert their tub to the shower. According to an article on policy advice, 33% of homeowners are new homeowners. Meaning, about the remaining are second time home buyers. If you plan on being in the home a long time, it may be a good idea to convert that tub to a stand up shower but in the end it’s for you to decide. Benefits of a shower vs tub *More room to shower without the fiberglass hallow points *option for Niche’s in cavities *beautiful aesthetic of tile enclosures

Create Custom Niche Areas in The Shower And In The Walls

Instead of hanging storage build into your bathroom areas where you can. Consider a niche in your bathroom wether it be a linear niche or a taller niche. Quite often you can take advantage of lots of storage just by framing in a custom niche in a stud bay for your bathroom enclosure. Remember that most niche framing cannot be installed on an exterior wall (a wall that has insulation) so it’s important to ask your contractor best placement.

Radiant Heat

One of the most underrated experiences you can add to your bathroom. Every time we’ve installed radiant heat in a a bathroom we’ve always had clients say “I’m so glad that I did that”. Quite often it’s assumed that radiant heat is out of touch as far as cost goes. On average, adding radiant head to an average size bathroom will range between 1800-3200 depending on it’s size and how much is needed and of course, how much you customize the thermostat.

Vanities with Unique Storage

More and more, vanities today are taking advantage of every nook and cranny. With options like draw pull outs on the bottom, center draws right below the plumbing and side storage the options can be endless. Make sure whatever vanity you order, you have on site BEFORE your plumber get’s ready to install.

Upgrade Your Bath Fan

Walls wet whenever you shower? Might be time for a new vent fan OR you may not even have one. A proper fan will vent right to the exterior of the home and new code in MA states that you must not be near any windows or outlets so that the negative pressure of the home does not pull the moisture back in. When it comes to your vent fan, we recommend not purchasing a poor quality fan. This is one of the most important components of your home and we you do not invest in this piece you are bound to have moisture issues. Ask your contractor about a professional fan to be installed in your home.

Upper Cabinets and Countertop Cabinetry

If storage is a challenge in your home, you can add a countertop cabinet above your vanity. We recommend this on vanities that are over 60” so you aren’t taking up all your countertop space. Consider dual sinks or a single sink with a large countertop and countertop cabinet justified to one side or the other.

Wall Mounted Toilets and Cabinetry

If you like the idea of being able to clean under your cabinet and toilets AND you love the look of Modern, consider a wall mounted toilet and cabinet for your vanity. While wall mounted cabinets do limit storage, but they can really draw the eye aesthetically and have a much cleaner feel to them.

Wainscoting to Protect Walls

Wet walls are no fun and sheetrock does not handle moisture well overall. Although there are drywall products out there that are “moisture resistant”, they still do not perform well long term to constant moisture. Upgrading to PVC half walls and PVC trim components will really help protect your walls and trims from ever seeing any forms of rot or deterioration from moisture. And there you have it. Those are just some unique ideas to get the most out of your bathroom even if space is limited so that when you walk in to your new space, you won’t want to leave it!

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