How long will this basement remodel take?

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Mike was downstairs again, for the first time in a while trying to push boxes out of the way just to find his family photos. Mom was coming again and she loves to look through the old photo albums and he knows it’s important to her. As he grunts and groans throwing boxes out of the way he finally reaches the album box. 

“Why do I keep putting this down here”, he says to himself. “We really need more storage down here and a place to put things properly.” Brushing past what looks like broken glass from the box he threw, Mike runs upstairs and speaks to Kim.

“You know Kim, I would love to finish the basement but really have no idea how long it’s going to take, and with that last contractor roping us along, I really don’t feel confident in having someone new in here. I can’t be GC again for the entire job.” 

Kim looks at Mike and says, “Hey Mike, there is this company that just put together this video on how long Basement remodels take. We could at least start there?”

Mike looks at Kim with bewilderment. “Wait….are you saying that a contractor actually took the time to explain how long a basement takes?” 

 “Yes!” Kim exclaims.“Just brush the dust of your clothes and watch this video before your Mom gets here.”

Mike opens his phone up and plays this video below….


To Summarize, here are the steps to finishing a basement below….

Pre Construction– Permits, Plans, Job Walkthrough, Meet the team

Week 1-Framing

Week 2 and 3-Rough ins with Inspections

Week 4-5-Insulation, Fireblocking and Framing Inspections

Week 6-Plaster work

Week 7 and 8– Finish Carpentry and flooring

Week 9-Painting

Week 10,11,12– Punchlist, Final Inspections. Job Close-out

Almost Complete...

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