This Is How To Remodel A Bathroom And How Long It Takes

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It’s a great idea to know what’s happening in your home during a remodeling project. We want you to know exactly what to expect when we do yours.

In this post, you’ll find our process for remodeling a bathroom. You’ll also see what normally happens each week. You can also find out some factors that may change the timeline.

What’ll It Be Like?

“I’m concerned about how long we won’t have our bathroom for,” says Melissa.

“Totally fair,” agrees John. “So am I. If we knew how they remodel bathrooms and how long it takes to remodel a bathroom this would be way less stressful. We could plan much more easily.”

Melissa frowns as she pulls out her phone. “Hey Siri, how do you remodel a bathroom, and how long does it take?” John smiles. “That’s a great idea! Maybe we’ll find out how long projects take and what scheduling and payment are like.”

Melissa smiles. “Thank you. I’ve been known to have my moments of greatness,” she says with a wink. John chuckles. “Let’s see if it pays off.” The couple starts looking through the Google search results.

Here’s what they find out:

How To Remodel A Bathroom

This process for how to remodel a bathroom is based on a full gut and remodel. It can change based on your unique project.

  1. Design
  2. Setup
  3. Demolition
  4. Rough electrical and plumbing
  5. Inspections
  6. Plaster and insulation
  7. Tile prep and installation
  8. Vanities, trim, and finish the components
  9. Plumbing and electrical
  10. Fixtures, lights, and countertops
  11. Finishing touches
  12. Painting
  13. Final inspections
  14. Glassdoor installation

How Long To Gut And Remodel A Bathroom

How long a complete bathroom remodel takes is normally 7 weeks. The bathroom remodel timeline can change mainly due to the scope of work, the number of fixtures, size, damages, and age.

Week 1 – Space preparation, demolition, and rough work (rough electrical and plumbing, minor framing if needed). 

Week 2 – Inspections. This is the slowest phase of the project. We have to wait for town officials to come in and approve our work.

Week 3 – Plaster and insulation work. We also start closing things up.

Week 4 – Tile preparation and installation. This is also when we all meet with our tile contractor to make sure we’re on the same page concerning design and other preferences. Tiling can take 1 to 2 weeks depending on complexity. We also recommend measuring for custom glass shower doors if needed.

Week 5 – Final plumbing and electrical. Install fixtures, lights, countertops, vanities, do trim work, finish components, and any finishing touches. It’s best to have mirrors and accessories ready so we can do them all at once.

Week 6 – Painting, which depends on when your project closes up and any previous additional work and final inspections.

Week 7 – Install glass doors and leave you to enjoy your amazing new bathroom!

*For week 1, subcontractors take care of the rough work and RenoVista’s core team does the framing

**For week 5, RenoVista’s core team does the work

The 5 Main Reasons The Timeline Can Change

Scope of work. The more you have us doing, and the more complex it is, will affect how long a bathroom remodel will take. Updating the look vs changing the layout have very different timelines.

The number of fixtures. Each fixture is attached to something you can remodel. Examples are showers, sink countertops, and toilets. The more fixtures you have us remodel the longer your project will take.

Size. Larger bathrooms tend to take a while because there’s more space to remodel. You can fit more team members in at once, which can lessen the bathroom remodeling timeline. 

Smaller bathrooms can take a while because they’re harder to move around in. You can’t fit as many people either.

Damages. It’s not surprising to find something like water damage before or during a project. If we find anything we’ll stop and talk to you about the next steps. We recommend fixing anything before it becomes more costly to fix.

Age. Older bathrooms were built using older methods and materials. We may have to update certain areas before we can remodel them. Newer bathrooms tend not to have this issue.

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“So we should plan on about 7 weeks for how long a complete bathroom remodel can take,” says Melissa. John nods. “Seem like it. Why don’t we see what else is on this blog?” he suggests.

More bathroom posts coming soon!

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