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Our Clients In Worcester County And MetroWest, Massachusetts Can Expect This Kitchen Remodel Process And Timeline.

Knowing how something’s done and how long it takes can help you better prepare for it. It also gets rid of the mystery surrounding it, and nobody wants a mystery involving their home!

In this post, you can discover how to remodel a kitchen the RenoVista way. You can also find the answer to the question ‘how long does it take to remodel a kitchen.’

It’s Finally Time

“The kids are old enough and we finally have the money!” says Melissa excitedly.

“Which means you can have a kitchen just as good or better than our neighbors,” chuckles John.

“No more wooden cabinets, more counter space, an island! Oh,” -Melissa claps her hands together- “I can’t wait. Our kitchen is so frustrating to be and cook in, it’s just so outdated.”

“Well, now’s the time to start looking up information on kitchen remodels,” suggests John. Melissa smiles at him as she takes her phone out of her pocket.

“Already did, and I have a contractor in mind. I reached out to him and he sent me some great blogs to answer some questions, like timelines and payment processes. Here, this is his kitchen remodeling process and kitchen remodeling timeline.”

She hands John the phone. He sees an email with links to a blog post. Here’s what he sees when he clicks the link:

How To Remodel A Kitchen

How to start a kitchen remodel is by creating a design for the kitchen remodel that you approve of. Then we get the necessary permits. After that:

  1. Prep the kitchen and house
  2. Demolition of the current kitchen
  3. Framing
  4. Rework or install any plumbing
  5. Rework or install any electrical and HVAC
  6. Insulation installation
  7. Inspections
  8. Drywall installation
  9. Cabinet installation and trim work
  10. Countertop installation
  11. Backsplash installation
  12. Flooring installation
  13. Plumbing and fixture installation
  14. Appliances installation
  15. Painting
  16. Final touch-ups

What Mainly Changes This Kitchen Remodeling Process

Scope of work. If you only want to remodel parts of your kitchen it’ll take less time. The timeline then depends on what exactly you want to remodel. You can also remodel in sections, which further extends the timeline.

Damages. It isn’t uncommon to find damages before or during the project, such as wood rot or moisture damage. If we find any we’ll reach out to you to discuss what you’d like to do next.

How Long It Takes To Remodel A Kitchen

It can take 8 to 10 weeks to fully gut and remodel a kitchen. This timeline mainly changes due to the scope of work, size, change orders, material choices, and damages.

This is how long it takes to remodel a kitchen if no delays or changes happen:

Week 1- Job set up, demolition, dust protection as needed
Week 2- Rough electrical, plumbing, and any other possible subcontractor work needed.
Week 3- Inspections phase (this typically takes 3-5 days to complete)
Week 4- Insulation, plastering, and start of floor work
Week 5- Partial floor work
Week 6- Install cabinetry and template for countertops
Week 7- 10 day lead on countertop fabrication. Once countertops are installed, install backsplash components
Week 8- Finish electrical, plumbing, carpentry punch list, installing appliances (we do not move large appliances up sets of stairs. Best to have your appliance company do that for you and it’s usually free)
Week 9- Interior painting and beginning to gain use of your space
Week 10- Final inspections and closeout!

We’ll follow up with you after the project to make sure you’re expectations are exceeded.

What Mainly Changes This Kitchen Remodeling Timeline

Scope of work. Projects that have us do more or work with harder-to-find materials will extend the kitchen remodeling timeline. Less complex projects should take less time.

Size. Smaller kitchens usually need less labor and materials to remodel. More complex small kitchen remodels can still take weeks. Larger kitchens tend to take more labor and materials, and thus more time.

Change orders. You can change materials, layout, and other aspects of your project. This may change the cost and will change the timeline. We’ll need to place the order, wait on the delivery, and maybe bring in different equipment or *tradespeople.

Material choice. Some materials take longer to ship than others. This could be because they’re harder to come by or are so popular they’re on backorder.

Damages. If we find any damages and you want to fix them (which we highly recommend) that can lengthen how long it takes to remodel a kitchen.

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“Perfect! Hopefully, we can get it done before our New Year’s Eve party!” says Melissa excitedly. John nods. “Me too. Let’s see what else we can find out on this blog.”

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