Will I be happy throughout my entire project??? 

So you finally did it! You booked that project with your favorite contractor that you’ve been waiting YEARS to do! You have them over for a final site visit, you stroke the pen, you write the check and you watch the contractor drive off and those tail lights hit the nights sky. 

You go to bed, dreaming of all the cool things that will happen during the project. You picture day one, how it will go, who will be there and you you KNOW you made the right choice. 

As cool as the above is, we hate to say this there are going to be times where you just feel frustrated and wish things would move quicker. We get it. Even the smallest project like a paint project, can feel like an eternity when they have your whole first floor under hostage. Even though it’s not their fault, you can’t help how you feel. 

We’d like to walk you through how you are going to feel working through a project with a good contractor. When we say good contractor, we mean one that continues to communicate throughout the project and lets you know what the next steps are and let’s you know the clear project path and what to expect…..

Check out this graphic below on how basically most of our clients feel when they hire us and how the project can feel as things progress. 

Notice how it starts and ends with excitement and we are sure you can figure why but notice during mid point of the project, you will start to hit that emotional low of the project. Know that it will pass too but this is the point where things feel really slow. 

Why? Because all the prep electrical, insulation and plumbing and then inspections occur here and at times it’s going to feel like nothing is going on hence, the quick peak when sheetrock happens. 

Why are we showing this? Because when we know what to expect based on the right expectations being set, it’s much harder to feel wronged or feel those feelings of frustration which equals a much more enjoyable experience. 


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