What 7 Best Basement Remodeling Ideas Will You Actually Use?

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These Are The Most Popular Basement Remodeling Ideas People Near You Are Choosing For Their Project

Looking up ideas is, itself, a great idea! You can use them to create a basement that does exactly what you need it to do.

In this post, you can find several basement remodeling ideas you may actually use.

Home theater in remodeled basement with popcorn machine

7 Popular Basement Remodeling Ideas

1. Home Theater

Home theaters are the pinnacle of home entertainment areas. You can use a projector or large television for viewing. You can relax on couches or recliners (with cupholders, obviously). Add in surround sound and you’ll upgrade movie night into a viewing experience!

2. Guest Suite

This basement remodeling idea is great for people who love to host family and friends. It’s great because you and whoever you’re hosting can have complete privacy. You can even add in a bathroom and kitchenette for a full experience!

3. Family Room

It’s nice to have family time in different areas. A new setting gives it a new kind of feeling. You can even add something like a pool table, foosball, or another kind of entertainment ideal for basements.

4. Play Room

If you need a place for the kids to go then turning your basement into a playroom is the way. Isolate the noise from playing or video games while you relax or hang out with friends.

A playroom can also mean a music room! The noise isolation really comes into play here. Plus it’s a great place to store instruments so they’re safe and not in the way.

5. Bar (with storage)

A bar is a great basement remodeling idea add-on. If you’ll be entertaining in your basement it’s especially good. You can keep your wine down here if you want to feel like you have a wine cellar.

6. Kitchenette

Entertaining in the basement? With a kitchenette, you don’t have to keep running up and down the stairs when making food! Prep, cook, and eat in your basement (unless you want to get your steps in).

7. Fireplace

There’s nothing cozier than a fireplace. Since basements tend to have a few walls underground a fireplace is ideal for warming up the room. 

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