What Is The Best Flooring To Use In A Bathroom?

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The best flooring for bathrooms can help you really love your bathroom instead of just liking it.

In this post, you can discover what the best flooring type for master bathrooms is and its pros and cons. You can also find out other honorable mentions.

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Let’s Start With The Bathroom Floors

“Why don’t we start by planning what floor we want for our bathroom remodel?” suggests John.

Melissa nods. “That sounds good to me. It is what we’ll be standing on when we’re in there. What is the best flooring to use in a bathroom?”

John shrugs. “I have no idea. Let’s Google it and see what we can find out!” He pulls out his phone and starts searching.

Here’s what he finds out:

The Best Flooring For Master Bathrooms

The best flooring to use in bathrooms is tile. Tiles are durable, water-resistant, and very customizable. They have a mid-range to a higher price depending on the type of tile you choose. Porcelain tile is better than ceramic tile for bathrooms.

What Is Ceramic And Porcelain Tile?

Tiles are made by mixing sand, water, and clay. Then you heat them in a kiln until they harden and become tile.

Porcelain is a subtype of ceramic tile. With porcelain, you use denser clay. It needs a hotter kiln to harden. This gives it slightly different properties than ceramic.

Pros And Cons Of Tile For Master Bathroom Floors


  • Tiles are very durable. They don’t chip or damage very easily. They should last for quite a while.
  • Tiles are quite water-resistant too. Moisture won’t get through it and damage the subfloor or the tile.
  • They’re also highly customizable. You can make it look like wood, natural stone, or designed tile. You can also ask for non-slip tile. It has a textured surface that helps reduce slipperiness.


  • Mid-range to higher price points
  • Can be slippery unless you get non-slip tile or put something over it like non-slip rugs
  • Ceramic tile can chip if something heavy falls on it

Why Porcelain Is Better Than Ceramic For Bathroom Floors

Porcelain tiles are better for bathroom floors than ceramic tiles because they:

  • Are more resistant to water damage
  • Are stronger
  • Look the same beneath the top layer, making chips and other damages harder to see

The only potential issue is the cost. 

Porcelain can have a higher cost than ceramic tile. Porcelain is harder to make and work with. This means higher labor costs factor into the price. It also needs special tools to cut.

Other Master Bathroom Flooring Ideas

  • Waterproof luxury vinyl plank
  • Natural stone
  • Laminate
  • Engineered wood

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“Maybe tile is the material we should use for our bathroom floors,” says John. Melissa nods. “Seems like it. Let’s see what else we can find out about bathroom remodeling on this blog.”

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